Parents and Carers

"He now understands why he was struggling and doesn't feel he is stupid for not being able to do things his peers can."

Parent, April 2018

"Put my son at ease immediately. Very professional yet approachable."

Parent, January 2018

"Lucy took time to understand what we as parents, were concerned about and ensured these were fully addressed in her report. Our son thoroughly enjoyed his assessment, Lucy put him at ease, meaning we obtained reliable and accurate results."

Parent, May 2018

"Best thing we ever did for our boys! So helpful and easy. Lucy was great with them."

Parent, May 2018

If you have a concern about your child’s educational progress or behaviour in school, arrange to meet with the school’s Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo), who will explain how the school is supporting your child. If your child fails to make satisfactory progress despite support and interventions, the school might make a referral to an educational psychologist (or another professional).

South East Psychology believes that educational psychology services should be freely available through schools or local authorities to all children who are failing to make adequate progress or experience social, emotional or behavioural difficulties related to school. However, we also recognise that resources are finite and therefore not all children who would benefit from the involvement of an educational psychologist will be able to access one.

We therefore offer private assessments for parents and carers in circumstances where there is clear evidence that a child is failing to make satisfactory academic progress or is not enjoying school due to social or emotional difficulties.

Fees for private assessments are negotiated on a case by case basis depending on the age and needs of the child and the nature of the involvement required. Please click here for our terms and conditions.

Please contact us for an initial consultation and quotation.

FRIENDS Resilience Programmes

FRIENDS Resilience

South East Psychology CIC offers group interventions to promote resilience and wellbeing and manage anxiety and depression using the FRIENDS Resilience programmes for children, young people and adults.